Color Country Interagency Fire Managersexpanded fire restrictions on the Arizona Strip and all unincorporated county, state and federally administered public lands in Washington, Kane, Iron, Beaver (excluding Fishlake National Forest) and Garfield Counties. Firefighters are experiencing increased numbers of larger human caused wildfires across the region and weather forecast models continue to predict drier conditions, increasing fire danger for July, according to Fire Management Officer Mike Melton. Since June 1st, 94% of wildfires in Southern Utah have been caused by humans. With increased public recreation occurring and potential for human caused fires, the following acts are prohibited until fire danger decreases and fire restrictions are rescinded: No campfires or open fires outside of agency improved and maintained campgrounds and home sites in southwest Utah. Running water is required on unincorporated private land. Devices fueled by liquid petroleum are allowed. No open fires whatsoever are allowed on the Arizona Strip. No parking vehicles on dry vegetation on the Arizona Strip. No discharging of fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices outside of incorporated city limits (city specific restrictions may apply). No shooting of exploding targets or tracer ammunition. No cutting, grinding, or welding of metal in areas of dry vegetation. This includes acetylene torches.No use of equipment without a working and properly maintained spark arrestor (if required). No smoking near vegetation or outside of a developed recreation site, personal vehicle or building. Fire conditions are becoming increasingly dry and fire danger is increasing daily. Please ensure your campfire is completely out before you leave and all ignition sources are a safe distance away from vegetation to mitigate unwanted wildfires.

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