A Utah man is looking for his stolen Lamborghini in Northern Utah today it was stolen from the Salt Lake International Airport. This car is a blue 2023 Lamborghini Urus, valued at $234,000! The thief is currently on the run. He was wearing a black hoodie. The thief arrived at the airport, with no ride, and began checking vehicles for unlocked doors... and he hit the jackpot! Police are asking the public to help find the car, originally bearing Utah license plate G829TV.

According to the Lamborghini dealership in Salt Lake City, they're saying this is a very commonly stolen car in the area! This has been at least the FOURTH Lamborghini stolen in Salt Lake over the past couple weeks!

The owner of the Lamborghini flew out of the Salt Lake Airport on June 1st, and when he returned on June 9th, the car was gone. The thief flew into Salt Lake City on June 3rd when he went to short term parking, and had the luckiest day of his life... Finding an unlocked 2023 Lamborghini with the keys inside!


Do people often leave their car doors unlocked with the keys inside? This isn't a 1992 Toyota Tercel. This is a Lambo worth almost A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS! Is there foul play in this? Could this be a conspiracy? Or was this just a dumb person, and a very lucky thief?

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