With the first large heat wave of summer 2024 about to land in Southern Utah, multiple news outlets are warning residents of the dangers of sweltering heat. 

One of the biggest dangers one can face in Southern Utah, Washington County in particular, is driving a vehicle in the summer heat. While an air conditioner can resolve some of the issues, leaving a pet or child in the back of a vehicle is unacceptable. 

Just how hot does it get in a car during the summer months in Southern Utah? More importantly, how much of a danger is it to animals and children left inside a hot car?  

The St. George Police Department advised residents about the danger of hot cars in Southern Utah in a video on their Facebook Page 

According to Officer Tiffany Mitchell of the SGPD, the temperature inside of a car skyrocket during the summer months. For example, 75 degrees outside doesn’t mean it’s the same temperature inside the car, in fact, it’s over 100 degrees inside the car at that point.  

Now look at what St. George residents usually experience during the summer, and it gets even worse. It’s very common to see temperatures over 100 degrees in Washington County, which means the temperature inside the vehicle is around 150 degrees.  

If a driver were to leave their dog, or even worse, a child in a hot car, the risk of dehydration or death goes up exponentially.  

If you see a dog or child in the back of a car in the middle of summer with no driver in sight, the SGPD recommends you call the authorities to handle the situation properly.  

Despite how resilient your canine companion can be at times; they can overheat very quickly if not taken care of. If the police must extricate a dog or child from your vehicle, you will be charged accordingly for child or animal abuse.  

More information can be found on the St. George Police Department’s Facebook page.  

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