Do you have a "No Soliciting!" sign on your front door?

If you don't, you might be susceptible to what many Utahn's call our state's biggest nuisance: door-to-door salesmen.

I'm not sure if Utah has more than other states, but it sure seems like it.

Utah people on Reddit discussed this issue. Here's some of the comments:

From u/--Drew

"I get 1-2 salespeople a week banging on my door for home maintenance sales (roof/windows/pesticides/solar etc.). I work nights and I have a no-soliciting sign next to my door (though I guess it could be more-visible for people).

I try to use restraint with employees since I know it's not their fault, but I got a salesperson today who woke me up and wanted me to buy new windows, and I pointed out my no-soliciting sign next to my door... but then they persisted in their pitch!"

Yeah, I don't think those "No Soliciting" signs work very well.

From u/JuryDutyHologram

"My favorites are the ones who when I say ‘no’ ask if they can speak to my husband."

I can't believe this actually happens.

From u/starter-car


"But your neighbor next door just bought some! /s (it’s a line I’ve heard them use when I’ve accidentally been caught off guard. The easiest way out of it, if you do get “cornered” “ is, “I just rent”. ;)"

Fascinating. Saying that you just rent is a brilliant idea. Why didn't I think of that?

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