I understand the Jazz fans have a complicated history with M-Jeff.

Let's start with this one:

Jordan was booed in the Delta Center every time he touched the ball because he criticized the "golf weather" in Utah in February! LOL. He played in Chicago!

He was ticked that the All-Star game wasn't going to be some place warm.

That being said, the above highlights an amazing 20 point comeback that His Airness lead.

Next, we have the Flu game.

Legend has it some Jazz fan (hero) poisoned Jordan's pizza the night before the game.

Jordan went on to have one of his most epic playoff performances against the Jazz.

It's painful for a lot of you to watch I know...

Then let's end with the push-off

Now before we get to the actual push-off, the oft forgot play came right before it. Jordan stole the ball from Malone. That was the real pooch.

Jordan definitely pushes off as we all know. The Jazz probably have more painful memories with Jordan than almost any other team in the NBA.

So when a movie comes out like this...some fans might be hesitant.

Watch this awesome trailer:

Rare that a movie trailer gives me goosebumps anymore, but this one did.

And even though Jazz fans hate Jordan this movie isn't just about him. It's about the behind the scenes history of the biggest brand in American sports. I think all sports fans are going to flock to the theater to see this one regardless of team affiliation. Great song too!


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