There are some wives who say: "Keep your mouth shut when we're with my family, you're to be seen but not heard. Nobody cares where you want to eat or what show you want to watch."

And then there are some son-in-laws who say: "Should I call you 'dad' or 'Brian'?


Some people have great in-laws but those aren't the ones we're talking about today. The ones we're talking about today are the one's that make mommy go on a Target run for three hours.

For those that are struggling with their in-laws, Utah State has some know-it-alls that are here to help.

Per KSL, Lisa Schainker and Amy Torres, from USU are marriage and family experts.

Here is what they say:

"If your spouse struggles to get along with your parents, remember they need your support — don't leave them to fend for themselves, Torres and Schainker say. And if you're the one with a rocky in-law relationship, talk through it with your spouse." (Link to KSL Article)

Wait a second, is the spouse supposed to stick up for their family or their new spouse? What if their spouse is the idiot? Or is it a "customer is always right" situation?


"Be respectful when you're with your in-laws and behind closed doors. If you need to vent or ask advice, be careful who you talk to. It's probably not a good idea to badmouth your in-laws to your own parents or to friends." (KSL)

What do you think about your in-laws? Let me know in the comments!

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