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Sarah Todd of The Deseret News appeared on The Andy Thompson Show to discuss the trade deadline.

Why she's going to miss covering Mike Conley

"As a beat writer I'm very selfishly like: "Oh, my God, Mike Conley is one of the best interviews in the world. The fact that I'm losing him is awful news for me (laughing).


But that's not nearly as interesting as any of the other stuff that everybody else is going to find out. Mike Conley is not only a great interview but he's an incredible person. He's a great basketball player and he's been so impactful for a lot of the young players on the team: Walker Kessler, Collin Sexton, Talen Horton-Tucker, Ochai Ogbaji...that's the ultimate veteran player that you want on your team to help spring the development of young guys.

Walker Kessler was nearly in tears last night talking to us about how hard it was to go through his first trade deadline as a rookie in the NBA.

Rudy Gay talked about how difficult it is to think about, you know, Mike basically has to uproot his family again and there's no guarantee that, going to a place like Minnesota, I don't think anybody's expecting that team to win a championship, so we are looking at the tail-end of Mike Conley's career. He's got a wife and three young kids they're in school, they're on soccer teams in Salt Lake City, you know, they have a whole life that they have made there so the choice is do we all uproot our lives now? Or do I live away from my family for the next few months? Those are the real world impacts of things that happen like this."


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