Remember when travel agents existed?

You'd call up Marv and be like: "We're looking for a place with clean bathrooms and that doesn't use a lot of cilantro."

And he'd fax you over ten destinations and then you'd have a million phone calls with him and he'd make sure that when you got off the plane somebody was there to greet you with a pink lemonade?

I don't really remember that, but I've heard it was a luxurious time to be alive.

Now we have Tripadvisor. And according to them, the #1 spot to visit in Utah is...

1. Arches National Park

The top reviewer says:

"There are NO WORDS for this National Park, like Bryce Canyon, breathtaking!! Again, NO HIKING if you can't or don't feel up to it!! Can see these amazing from Viewpoints or even your car. Plenty of bathrooms here, NO FOOD, so pack your lunches cause you can be here for a while. Balance rock, very flat and easy hike. Sand Dune Arch, so worth the effort - See my review on SAND DUNES ARCH. You can sit and look at these formations forever and use your imagination to see formation. ARCHES A MUST DO!!!"

I've never been

2. Bryce Canyon National Park

This one is awesome because you don't have to hike to it. Most places, like Zion for example, you have to do some work to get to the views. Not at Bryce. Just drive up with a bag of White Castle and look out your window.

3. The Narrows


What do you think of the top 3?

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