Imagine driving up to Idaho, getting yourself a Dew, chewing on sunflower seeds, listening to a podcast, your kids in the back watching The Great Outdoors on their various devices, your wife telling you she needs to pee, you feigning like you can't hear her, you stopping off at a Little America to get a soft serve swirl, your kids saying the service in Athol sucks, you saying something like "that's the point", them not liking that, your wife asking if you should eat at Wendy's before you go into the park, you saying "you don't come to Athol to eat at Wendy's sweetie", you taking on your oldest kid on the "Eagle whatever the heck the water coaster is called", you winning because of your density...

People always say "there's nothing better than a waterpark." And they say it because there's the smell of sun block, the soft pretzels served from last season's batch, the lifeguard kid who's not afraid to blow his whistle at an adult man.

Now, there's hundreds of waterparks all over this country to enjoy, but the one with the biggest "Water Coaster" is up to Idaho at a place called Silverwood Theme Park.

And here's a tour of the whole Silverwood Theme Park:

Silverwood Theme Park is up near Athol, Idaho which is just west of Spokane, Washington.

So if you're driving from Utah it's gonna take awhile. But what else do you have to do?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Summer is supposed to be about packing your kids in a wagon and driving around to see stuff like this.

Who could say know to this opportunity??

Meet Idaho's Massive 'Eagle Hunt' Water Coaster

Who says size doesn't matter?

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

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