The longtime home of the Utah Jazz and the brand new home of the fresh NHL team has been welcoming some of the most passionate fans in sports since 1991.

The house that Larry built has held NBA finals games, All-Star contests, Olympic events and some of the biggest concerts in the state.

From Disney On Ice to NHL preseason games, the artist formerly known as Energy Solutions Arena/ Vivint Smart Home Arena has been a hub for some of the biggest entertainment happenings through the state.

But like your high school crush, age can take a toll on the nicest of things.

The Delta Center has has been renovated and revised to keep up with the times, and to keep fans proud of their home site.

In 2017, the Delta Center was a recipient of a 125 million dollar renovation.

It upgraded the seating including some premium spots, added the J-note statue with an improved atrium, enhanced the locker rooms and touched up the video boards.

Less than ten years later, those advancements appear not advanced enough.

With the new NHL team on board, its no secret that the Delta Center isn't a premier hockey arena, despite boasting a top tier home court advantage in basketball.

The fans may still be as intimidating and loud, but the views wont be near as nice while trying to take in a game with a lot of obstructed and partial views of the ice.

Since obtaining the Coyotes assets its been in the plans to, once again, do some major work on the interior of the Delta Center providing a more quality NHL experience.

As indicated by the commissioner himself, the seating is expected to become less of an issue and more of a strength as the next three years unfurl.

But what about the outside of the arena?

With the introduction of another professional sport team to Salt Lake City, the time is now to enhance to experience.

With new fans, new groups and a more diverse fan base than ever, how can the Delta Center pander to both basketball and hockey fans?

Despite shared interest from a majority of fans, not every basketball fan will gel with hockey and not every hockey fan will rock with basketball.

This made it all the more pertinent to upgrade the atmosphere of the Delta Center itself, making for a memorable experience regardless of event.

The Smith Entertainment Group and executive Mike Maughan seems determined to act on just that and released an early look at potential changes on the horizon during a sit down meeting with KSL’s Lindsay Aerts.

Through the financial, zoning, and talk of helipads, fans can catch a glimpse of what the initial plan is in terms of the aesthetic for the Delta Center and downtown Salt Lake City, and it is glorious.

Added team store options and more food and drink places closer to the arena are an immediate bonus.

The massive jumbotron outside? Well, that would be the magus opus of the Delta Center.

Some of the coolest shots in sporting television are when the telecast switches over to the large masses gathered outside watching their team on on the jumbotron.

For a fan, sports are all about demonstrating that fandom, camaraderie and passion.

The issue is, come big game time, there are only so many seats in an arena, and only so much money that can be spent.

Not everyone can afford to pull up to a championship game, but they can sure as hell sit out in the concourse with a bunch of other rowdy fans and feel a part of the atmosphere.

As of now, there is no option to be a part of the action unless your seated directly in the arena itself.

Changing that up, will make it the place to be for casual and die-hard fans alike.

The face lift is no guarantee, but the push is on to enhance not only the sporting experience but downtown Salt Lake City as a whole:

If something like this is to go down, and that's a big "if" when tax dollars are involved, I would imagine Salt Lake City would not only become more of an electric atmosphere for fans, but possibly even a more desirable destination for those traveling in state.

Only time will tell, but a quick sneak peek should make fans incredibly excited at the concept alone.

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