There are those who say that the most underrated part of a burger is the bun.

Most people get all snooty about the quality of meat or the sauce or tomatoes but if you put it all on a stale, dry bun then it's all for naught.

Well, apparently some people are trying to start a bun revolution.

In Draper, UT there's a place that serves "Croissant Burgers"

It's called Hash Kitchen and it makes breakfast, donuts, burgers etc...

The burger in the above video looks a little unruly. I don't think I could eat that sunnyside up egg. I'd need it more fried, but the focus should be on the croissant bun.

If I could make a recommendation. I'd do less stuff on the burger. Let the croissant do some of the talking. I feel like the chaos of this burger might take away from it. Having said that, this place is full of innovation and I appreciate what they're doing. I look forward to going to Hash Kitchen next time I'm in Draper.

About Hash Kitchen:

"Hash Kitchen is a brunch experience like no other. Founded in Phoenix, Arizona – and set to expand across the country – we take pride in unforgettable flavors dished up in an unforgettable atmosphere. It’s giving … experiential energy at its finest." (Full site)

About the Chef:

"Joey Maggiore is the executive chef, concept king, and entrepreneur behind your favorite concepts: Hash Kitchen, The Sicilian Butcher, The Mexicano, and The Rosticceria. Joey originally learned and developed his talent in the kitchen alongside his father, culinary legend, Tomaso Maggiore. Joey founded Hash Kitchen in 2015 with his wife, Cristina Maggiore, and business partner, Flora Tersigni. Joey is often found traveling and learning to bring amazing food and culture to his brands. His family is the heart of all he does, with Cristina and their three kids, Giuliana, Tomaso and Melina, being his pride and joy."

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