Is Utah’s Favorite Facial Hair Really the Mustache? 

Beards have become popular throughout the country and can been seen all over Utah. Zippa analyzed Google Trends to see what each state searches the most when it comes to facial hair. They said Utah is all about the mustache. I'm not sure I believe this.

At least in Southern Utah, I see mostly beards. I can’t think of anyone who has a mustache, but I can name several who wear a goatee or some form of hair on their chops. I have worn a short beard with my neck shaved clean for years. It suits me, however it isn’t anything that would stop crowds. 


My brother-in-law, on the other hand, has the best beard of anyone I know. Everywhere he goes, people stop and comment on it. We were in Panda Express, and a couple came over and requested a picture with his beard. It is a thick red masterpiece that could probably win a contest.  

If You Wear a Beard, Would You Shave It into a Monkey Tail? 

The only way I am going to get a public reaction with my beard is if I followed this new trend. It is called the “Monkey Tail Beard” and according to Zippa, is being explored in Montana.

This thing is disturbing. It starts at the mustache, moves down one side of the mouth and circles the chin like a monkey’s tail.

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There is a guy who shaved it so it circles around his chin in a spiral. Although it looks silly, this thing would get some looks. People might even ask to take a picture.  

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