House on Fire 

Utah has ancient ruins from native peoples like the Anasazi and Freemont all over the state. I am fascinated by the homes and villages tucked into the cliffs found in the four corners and eastern parts of Utah. If you like visiting these places, here’s one that should be on your list

House on Fire is 40 miles from Kanab on towards Blanding in Cedar Mesa. It features old ruins under a cliff. The reason it got its name is the way the rock lights up above the ruins at a certain time of day that makes it look like it is on fire. 

Lots of Driving with a Small Amount of Hiking 

It will require a lot of driving to get to this location, 37 miles, even if you live in Blanding. The hike is only a couple of miles out and back. You will also want to time your visit for when the sun is going down and will hit the ruins and light up the fire.

However, as this place has become more popular, you can find more solitude if you go in the morning. And it is not the only cool place to visit in the area. You can explore other parts of the Bears Ears National Monument including Mule Canyon and Cave Tower. 

You Don’t Have to Leave Utah 

Sometimes we visit awesome places all around the world and skip over some of the most amazing locations close to us. In-between your trips to Hawaii, take some time to visit overlooked locations nearby. 

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Here are some more places near to where you live that you can easily explore. Shut off your phone, power down the Xbox and get out there. Oh, and take some water. 

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