Several times a year, different Southern Utah cities block off the roads for bike races, marathons and triathlons. Maybe it’s time to block off the streets for another reason, like is happening in Las Vegas this weekend. 

It is the Las Vegas Gran Prix where high-performance race cars will speed down the strip and around the casinos to the cheers of thousands of spectators. They expect over 100,000 spectators each day and it is one of the top selling tickets on StubHub worldwide. This will certainly be a big boon to the economy there as all those people from around the world come to visit. 

I don’t think there is any chance we could get Formula 1 to come to Southern Utah, nor would I want all those people rolling in. I do think the concept of speeding cars flying around Utah roads would be fun to watch. What if we got a rally car race to come to the desert? The Arizona Strip would make an awesome course. 

If the rally cars aren’t interested, we should be able to swing lawn mower races. Heck, with Utah’s penchant for helping others, we could require the mowers to actually be able to cut grass and do a massive speeding service project. 

Photo by Dimitrije Djekanovic:
Photo by Dimitrije Djekanovic:

Of course, I could also just buy a ticket to watch the race in Las Vegas this weekend. It is only a couple of hours away. One of those cars may spin off the track and end up here in Southern Utah anyway. 

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