Utah is home to many fascinating creatures and though there are plenty that it's okay to go a view, there are some you should stay away from.  

All summer reports across the country of bison attacks for some too comfortable nature viewers have been rampant. However, the ones that you should stay away from for THEIR preservation are raptors. Utah has owls, kestrels, hawks, and vultures who fit into this category.  

Though some of these birds are known to hang out in people's backyards, some stay more in the wilderness areas of the state.  

Here are some things that you can do as a Utah resident to protect these wonderful and very necessary creatures.  

  • Save old tree growth and old trees if they aren’t a danger to you and your family. If you do need to remove trees, try to do so out of nesting season which is Spring and Summer.  
  • These are hunting birds so small cats and dogs are susceptible as prey. Keem them indoors when you can’t watch them, so they don’t get snatched by a hawk.  
  • Try not to use poison for pest control. These raptors eat the rats and mice this could be used on and then become poisoned themselves.  
  • They may be cute but don’t pick up or get near baby raptors. The parents are sure to be nearby. 
  • Get rid of antifreeze and oil properly. Consuming these for any animal is deadly.  
  • Keep bird feeders and nesting boxes away from your home so you can avoid any window incidents. This will also help keep these birds away from humans.  


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