Door-to-door scams may seem like a thing of the past, but they are very real and still happen in Utah.  

They happen all over the country, and targeting homes is easy since you can walk up and try to sell. However, there are some other contractors who just can’t be trusted even when insurance is involved.  

It sounds reputable when there are forms and all of that, but the truth is that these contractors know how to play the game and locking you into a document is one of the ways this happens. The Utah Division of Consumer Protection gives a few ways to avoid being scammed and the easiest ways to spot scammers. 

Recently, contractors who should repair water, fire or storm damage seem to be the main culprits according to the UDCP. Homeowners see the damage and then call their home warranty company or an expert directly.  

How The Scam Occurs: 

Once you’ve called an expert like a plumber they may recommend a mitigation company. The mitigation will then take over and assess the damage which involves moisture readings and advice to demolish.  

During this, you may be pressured into signing documents for their services, and they can hike up the prices above what your insurance will cover. Once you’ve signed those documents you are locked in.  

The best way to avoid this is not to accept some like a plumber’s recommendation right off the bat. You may also be skeptical of third-party billing arrangements.  

Tips From The UDCP: 

  • Ask your insurance company for recommendations on reliable contractors.  
  • Check online reviews of the company. 
  • Don’t get pressured into signing any documents, especially if the contractor is pushy. 
  • Acquire multiple bids for the work and compare.  
  • Don’t pay up front. 
  • Keep a record of the damage through pictures and the work being done to make sure everything is on schedule. 
  • Keep your insurance claim adjuster updated and check in often.  


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