So, during any busy season for National Parks, there are risks and Zion National Park just happens to have a unique one; squirrels.  

That’s right, I said squirrels.  

If you have ever ventured into ZNP you know there are a ton of squirrels and due to people having fed these little critters in the past, they are overly friendly. They follow along on the trails and chitter right by your feet.  

Now, the park does a fantastic job of setting out signs to discourage visitors from feeding these guys. However, despite my own best efforts to keep my food away from them, they found a way. 

While hiking toward the Narrows, my group and I stopped to snack. Backpacks were closed, all food in baggies and well packed. I kept a granola bar in my pocket and while sitting down to drink some water a curious few squirrels came right up to me.  

It was first.  

These little dudes are so brave that one climbed up my pant leg and tried to pull my granola bar OUT OF MY POCKET. 

So, the moral of the story is that squirrels at ZNP are either robots, genetically smarter or straight up psychos. Absolutely no fear from these guys at all. Not wanting to touch the squirrel or piss it off, I ended up trying to shake it off my leg. It took a few minutes, and the squirrel wasn’t even bothered when I stood up.  

This is why we don’t feed the wildlife at parks or anywhere else human food. So, while you visit these lovely natural places this summer, please follow the rules.  


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