The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed American linebacker La’Akea Kaho’ohanohano-Davis 

Kaho’ohanohano-Davis (6’1-215) attended rookie camp with the Seattle Seahawks following the 2022 NFL Draft. He played five collegiate seasons (2017-21) at Southern Utah University. In 20 games, the former Thunderbird recorded 140 tackles, including 13.5 tackles for a loss, 11 sacks, one interception, three pass knockdowns, and two forced fumbles.  

The Kahului, Hawaii native led the team with 57 tackles and seven sacks to earn First-Team All-Big Sky honours in 2020. He led the team in tackles for a second straight season with 73 to earn Second-Team All-Big Sky honours after the 2021 season.  

Roughriders writer Rob Vanstone further notes that La'Akea's name constitutes only a tie for the longest name in franchise history.  Vanstone writes:

"The Saskatchewan Roughriders have added a big name — La’Akea Kaho’ohanohano-Davis.  

"Length of name, apostrophe and hyphen included: 27 characters. 

"As far as this dusty historian can determine, the Hawaiian-born linebacker — whose signing was announced Thursday by the CFL team — has tied Jean-Olivier Gagnon-Gordillo (who had a stint with the Roughriders in 2006) for the longest name in franchise history.

"Next in line, one character off the pace, is 2008 draftee Jean-Francois Morin-Roberge. 

"Close behind at 25 characters are Terrance J. Williams Bennett (2001), Christopher Nwabuisi Ezeala (2021) and, sort of, Jerome Thomas Frankenberger (1960-61). 

"Frankenberger was commonly referred to as J.T., however, so the calculation of 25 may be exaggerated in his case. So sue me. 

"Frankenberger owns the Roughriders’ longest documented all-alphabet surname (13 characters). 

"He is one letter ahead of Tyron Brackenridge (2011-15), Cliff Featherstone (1978), James Hickenbotham (2004), Alex Pierzchalski (2014-15), Dave Vankoughnett (1989), Brian Vertefeuille (1976) and Jeremiah Weatherspoon (2011). 

"And now, in comes Kaho’ohanohano-Davis — a name-game-changer. 

"Before hyphen: 14 characters (13 letters, one apostrophe). 

"Overall surname: 20 characters (18 letters, one apostrophe, one hyphen). 

"At the other end of the spectrum, there is a tie in the shortest-name sweepstakes. Deadlocked at six characters, first and last names included, are Ray Ash (1959), Ab Bole (1919-21), Ken Don (1960-61, 1963), Nat Dye (1964-65), Tim Guy (1977), Ed King (1998), Bob Lee (1963) and Vad Lee (2016).  

"Honourable mention goes to Regina-born player agent Rob Fry. 

"We now interject a short name: Pete Shorts (1995-96). 

"And a long name: Ted Long (1993)."


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