At 9am Sunday morning, temperature were already in the lower 90's in the area of the Halfway Hill Fore, and firefighters braced for a long hot day of suppression efforts. But by early afternoon, storms moved in to the region. While little rain fell in the area of the fire, temperatures did cool in to the 70's along with cloud cover which did bring some relief. The incident meteorologist said such conditions could continue for Monday, Tuesday and possibly Wednesday before returning to hot, dry conditions. Firefighters will be concentrating on back burning in the Chalk Creek Canyon area of the fire today. Once the section of fireline through Chalk Creek up to Pistol Rock is secured, firefighters will continue to monitor and patrol that edge of the fire perimeter to ensure no additional fire activity in that area will pose any problems. The fire has burned 11,773 acres and is now 39% contained. According to incident managers the fire is not likely to be fully contained until significant precipitation occurs over the fire area.


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