A year long study to consider improvements to the Cedar City South Interchange is underway by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT).

The agency began the process in May and expect the study to conclude in Summer of 2024. This study is separate and independent from the Cedar City Solutions development planning study that began in 2022. UDOT is overseeing both projects.


For the South Interchange study, UDOT is preparing an environmental document as required by the National Environmental Policy Act to evaluate potential improvements at Exit 57 in Cedar City.

According to a study from Avenue Consultants released in June, if no improvements are made to the south interchange, its Level of Service will be rated as F by 2030, and the result could be gridlock nearly a half a mile in either direction at the intersections on both sides of the interstate.


The study also stated that since the Diverging Diamond Interchange was completed in 2014 that traffic volume between Royal Hunte Drive and I-15 has increased by 14%, and that peak hour traffic volume on Saturday is expected to increase 50% by 2030 at the interchange and adjacent intersections.

In addition, the survey indicated that population and employment in Iron County are expected to grow 40% in the next 30 years.

During this environmental phase of the project, UDOT will collect traffic, engineering and environmental resource data. The department will also meet with and get input from local, state and federal agencies that may have an interest in or be impacted by the proposed action. UDOT will also engage with Native American tribes in the area and obtain public input during an official comment period.

As part of the process, members of the public will be invited to participate in two public meetings and provide feedback during two formal comment periods. The first opportunity will be the Public Scoping Meeting, which is anticipated in Fall 2023.

If you would like further information, and want to stay updated during the process you can sign up for email updates by going to Utahinput.Utah.gov/southCedar.

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