Southern Utah University has received a generous gift from Utah's number one home builder to provide scholarships to ten business students.

The $75,000 gift from Ivory Homes is in support of of the Ivory Women Student Success Initiative. The scholarship will allow 10 business students to complete a Women Business Leadership Certificate.

The Ivory Women Student Success Initiative is a new program that provides female business students with more academic and field experience. Selected students will take six credits of women's leadership classes, attend women in business events and conferences, participate in the Ivory Hack-A-House competition and work closely with the SUU Women in Business club to improve business skills and create a sense of belonging.

The 10 students will be selected as “Ivory Scholars,” and will receive a half-tuition scholarship and a $1,000 stipend per semester. “We remember the teacher who saw our potential and made a significant difference in our lives,” said Dr. Paige Gardiner in a press release.

Gardiner, who is the faculty director of the Ivory Women Student Success Initiative, also said, “This program provides SUU faculty with the resources we need to reach out to more students and give them the individualized mentoring, care, and encouragement they need to succeed. We are indebted to Clark and Christine Ivory. Thank you for helping us change the female narrative for women in our state.”

The Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation educates, builds, and supports female students in rural Utah for roles as future business leaders. By developing female business leaders at SUU, the Ivory Foundation’s goal is to sustain communities and improve the equitable role of women in southern Utah.

Around the state, the Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation has provided scholarships, mentoring and tutoring to over 10,000 students.

They have worked with the University of Utah, Utah State University, Utah Valley University, Weber State University, Salt Lake Community College and the BYU Pathways program, along with SUU.

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