It's not like I have this total fascination with death, but let's be honest. I'm no spring chicken anymore and so sometimes my thoughts drift off to the end of my mortal existence. If we're honest, I think almost everyone has contemplated the finite time of their stay on planet Earth.

Contemplating death is a universal aspect of the human experience, intriguing philosophers, scientists, and psychologists alike. The reasons behind this fascination are complex and multifaceted, stemming from various psychological, philosophical, and cultural factors.

One prominent theory suggests that thoughts of mortality serve as a natural response to the awareness of our own finite existence. Unlike animals, humans possess the cognitive ability to comprehend the concept of death, prompting us to ponder its implications for our lives. This awareness often leads to existential questions about the meaning and purpose of life, compelling individuals to seek understanding and reconcile their mortality with their personal beliefs and values.


Despite the inherent discomfort associated with thinking about death, confronting mortality can also lead to personal growth and transformation. Many individuals find that contemplating death fosters a deeper appreciation for life, encouraging them to live more fully and authentically. By embracing the inevitability of death, some may find a sense of liberation and motivation to pursue their passions and aspirations.

So, with this rolling around my mind I wanted to see if there was information as to what might have me knocking on death's door here in the Beehive State. Sure enough, the Centers for Disease Control had the information, albeit the latest results are from 2021, and there are likely some changes from these rankings.

Keep scrolling to see what might bring the Grim Reaper to your door in Utah.

Leading Causes of Death in Utah

The CDC compiled the leading causes of death in Utah

Gallery Credit: Dr. T

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