There's an eerie reason that Bowden Road in Huntsville, Texas is called 'Demons Road.' It's rumored to contain a portal to Hell

During the day, the road that leads to Martha Chapel Cemetery looks like an ordinary rural stretch of asphalt, with potholes, rough patches, and the occasional cow grazing in a field. However, it has a reputation as the most haunted road and cemetery in the state of Texas.

Martha Chapel Cemetery

The church and the area nearby became known as Martha's Chapel in 1854 after a church trustee's wife named Martha Palmer was buried there, according to the Historical Marker Database. The church disbanded in the 1930s, and a historical marker for the site was erected in 1990 by the Texas Historical Commission.

Growling voices, shadow people, and hands coming out of the ground are common stories shared about the cemetery, along with claims of angry spirits following people home after a cemetery visit. The cemetery even has five reviews on TripAdvisor, with a five-star rating. Reviewer Vamplified described the area as 'Little House on the Prairie' meets 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. More than one person said not to visit the area by yourself - or at night.

YouTube channel Darkness Tales gives details about a ghost boy riding a tricycle and other weird experiences that have been reported by travelers. mentions a legend that the land around the entire area is cursed, and even those who live on the road don't venture out after the sun goes down.

Bowden Road (a.k.a. Demons Road)

According to, many people have reported seeing mysterious red lights while traveling on Demons Road. One group claimed that as they were leaving the road before dawn, four red lights appeared out of nowhere, and suddenly four handprints appeared on the hood of their truck.

YouTuber B Paranormal mentioned the rumors of sacrifice and cult gatherings in a video visit, and also recorded some creepy sounds while in Martha Chapel Cemetery.

The general consensus appears to be that you should never drive alone on the road, especially at night. If you decide to visit the area, be respectful. Otherwise, you never know what might follow you home.

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