Six talented alumni from Southern Utah University (SUU) recently showcased their skills on the grand stage of the NFL Super Bowl Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lane Wood ('06), Kenten Pope ('17 & '19), Emma Ray ('22), Leah Madden ('22), Paige Crossley ('23), and Tessa Devey ('23) transitioned from SUU's picturesque campus to managing events surrounding Super Bowl LVIII.

These alumni, now working in various avenues of the event industry, utilized their education from SUU to excel in their roles. Madden, in her second year of service at these events, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside professionals in organizing events like the Super Bowl LVIII Opening night at Allegiant Stadium and the Super Bowl Experience at Mandalay Bay.

The Super Bowl Experience, held at Mandalay Bay, offers an interactive amusement park-like atmosphere with games, youth clinics, and opportunities to meet NFL athletes, cheer teams, and mascots. Attendees can engage in activities like the 40-yard dash and field goal kick, with the highlight being a photo opportunity with the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Alongside the alumni, 15 SUU students gained valuable hands-on experience working at the NFL Super Bowl Experience, learning from industry professionals. These students, enrolled in SUU's event management minor, utilized skills learned in their courses to contribute to the event's success.

Kenten Pope, an Executive Events Manager for SUU, emphasized the university's commitment to experiential learning and praised the opportunity for students to enhance their skills on a national stage.

The presence of SUU alumni and students at the NFL Super Bowl Experience underscores the university's dedication to academic excellence and professional development. Their diverse roles exemplify the breadth of opportunities available to SUU graduates in the sports and event management industry. As SUU continues to empower future leaders, its alumni will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy of excellence and achievement on the world stage.

Pictures from Super Bowl LVIII Thanks to Randi Mahomes

Randi Mahomes is the mother of NFL Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and she shared some of her photos with us from Super Bowl LVIII.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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