I've written before about how we do as drivers here in Utah. It's easy to make the argument that we are or are not the worst drivers in the country. The other day on our radio show we were talking about some of our habits and we came to the conclusion that a good number of people driving down the road have the attitude that, other than themselves, everyone on the road that day is driving too fast / driving too slow, and is (an) idiot / moron. I'm pretty sure I could not plead not guilty to that accusation.

Well, no matter what your driving habits are, there is a likely chance at some time in your life you will see the flashing red and blue lights in your rear view mirror. I've gathered some information from Utah State Records dot org that might be interesting to you.

First of all, a traffic violation in Utah is

an act committed by a driver that contravenes the rules of the road.

Utah has three types of traffic violations. They are classified as moving, non-moving and parking. You can find all the statutes that constitute the rules of the road in the Uniform Motor Vehicle Code. Very hand to have nearby if you're having trouble falling asleep at night.

Traffic violations in Utah can be classified as either a felony or a misdemeanor. Obviously, the felony charges carry the more severe penalties and can include hefty fines and incarceration. Traffic infractions in Utah are classified as either Class B or Class C. Not sure what exactly that means, but in this case, for your wallet, C is better than B.

To help you see how you are doing on the road, keep scrolling to see the 10 most common traffic violation in our state. Not on the list? Not using a turn indicator. I'm in shock.

10 Most Common Traffic Violations In Utah

These things are the most likely to get you a ticket in the Beehive state.

Gallery Credit: Dr. T

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