More details have emerged regarding the crash in Iron County that led to the unfortunate deaths of two teenage girls and left three others injured.

The 17-year-old who passed away in the crash was identified as Marcela Miranda.

While Miranda is a minor, her identity was released to the public through her family’s GoFundMe page to raise money for Miranda’s funeral expenses.

If you’d like to help Miranda’s family, you can click here for more details.

The 19-year-old girl who also passed away was identified as Alexia De Campos.

De Campos also has a GoFundMe page set up in her honor, but it’s for a different reason.

De Campos was originally raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and her family still takes up residence in the region. The goal of De Campos’ GoFundMe page is to raise enough money to transfer her body to her family in Brazil.

The page is in Portuguese, but if you would like to donate to De Campos’ transport fund, feel free to click here.

As for the reason for the crash, the Utah Highway Patrol does have a theory.

Investigations are still underway but speeding and seatbelt safety seem to be some contributing factors to the harm done to the passengers of the Honda Civic.

The status of the three others who were injured is currently unknown, but two of them had to be transported via helicopter due to the severity of their injuries, while the other person suffered moderate injuries and was transported via ambulance.

Our hearts go out to the friends and families affected by the crash.


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