I get fatter every weekend. I don't think I'm alone but my metabolism has stopped showing up.

What happens to the fat human body at around 35-years-old? It seems like my body wants me to give up. Why is my brain constantly telling my fat*** to eat? Doesn't my brain know that that's bad? Isn't it wired to try and preserve itself and not constantly eat this poison? And why is everything poison? What do I have to go to a farmers market?

Let's take a look at some of the "native Utah" food items people are suggesting online. Maybe some of this stuff can help us eat healthier.

1. Crown Burger

Judas Priest.

I've eaten at Crown Burger and I liked it a lot. It's been awhile. I need to go back. Little sloppy if I remember correctly.

2. Little America

Little America has great food and soup. It's a great place to sit back and have your in-laws treat you to a great meal.

3. Black Sheep Café in Provo

From BabyMama07:

"Black Sheep Cafe in Provo is really good. I recommend anything with hog jowls. They also have a really good Navajo Taco trio. And a really good cactus pear lemonade."

Never heard of it.

4. Scones


"The best we have to offer is, in my opinion, our Utah scones, which are like Indian fry bread served with honey butter sauce. Absolutely unique to this state, and so tasty."

I agree. Scones are a Utah thing more than where I'm from. Honey butter is great.

5. Ruth's Diner in SLC

Never been. Have you?

What else would you add?

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