H-Mart is a supermarket with Asian food offerings that has close to 100 locations in the United States.  It's getting its first location in Utah tomorrow in West Jordan.

H-Mart not only has Asian grocery options not available at other supermarkets but it's known for its food halls where you can eat. Here's what that looks like:

Per the website:

"H Mart is the largest Asian supermarket chain in America and is the pioneer of Asian food in America. Starting in 1982 with a single store in Woodside, Queens, H Mart has grown to include more than 97 stores across the United States. H Mart is America’s premier Asian food destination and provides groceries and everyday essential needs as well as upscale products."

People are thrilled with the new store:

u/LeeMiller said:

"Yesssss! Having just moved here from Houston, TX… I’m very excited to be able to access the ingredients to make my favorite dishes again! "

I don't cook a lot but for those who do it sounds like you'll now have more stuff to choose from than what's offered at Smith's.

u/outxlier said:

"I'm glad it will be something useful! I was worried it would become another furniture store!"

u/triarri said:

"Nice. I hate how crowded and unorganized the China town super market is. Checkout lines is like the Wild West free for all. Excited to see H mart here"

I didn't know Salt Lake had a Chinatown.

Let me know if you'll be making trips to H Mart like you would to a place like Trader Joes or some other specialty grocer that's not everywhere.

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