Is This Jacket the Answer to Being Outside in the Heat? 

I have a friend who rides his Harley Davidson motorcycle all over the west in the summers. I asked him how he could stand to wear a leather jacket with the hot sun bearing down and he looked at me like I was an idiot. He then explained he has an air-conditioned jacket. 

Turns out you can buy a cooling vest online that has a couple fans in the back and a battery pack that lasts for six hours. It claims to cool a person down by 15 degrees. These apparently started in Japan for people who have to work in the sun and wear them to stay cool. 

Where Can you Find One of These Awesome Inventions? 

Checking online, I found several versions of these jackets. They start from around $50 and up to $150. There is one on Amazon that has refrigeration cooling in a vest that is only $63. I want to try one of these. 

How cool would it be to walk around Southern Utah when the heat is blazing while wearing a jacket. My friend Ryan gets to work on a bike even in the hottest months. I am going to get him one of these so he can pedal along in comfort. 

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They even have ones that heat and cool. That would be perfect for our area. When you are outside, you flip it to cool comfort. When you get to work where someone has turned the air conditioning to the point you can see your breath, just flip it over to heat. I am submitting my order now. 


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