The Utah Fall Big Game Hunt Season is almost upon us, and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources wants archery hunters to know these 17 tips to help with the catch.  

The season starts on Aug.19 and newbie archery hunters will need some training, but these refreshers are good for everyone. Though there are no firearms involved in archery hunting it does come with its own set of safety rules hunters need to be aware of. 

Tree Stand— 

The DWR said that the weight of equipment is often overlooked when factoring in how much the tree stand can actually handle. "Hunters sometimes forget to factor in the weight of their equipment," Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Hunter Education Program Manager RaLynne Takeda said. "If the combined weight of your body and the equipment is greater than the weight the stand can support, it could easily collapse, sending you and your gear to the ground below." 

You also have the danger of falling while getting to the tree stand so the DWR recommends attaching a safety harness to yourself and the tree. Another tree stand issue that new hunters may not know is that using a haul line to get your equipment is much safer.  

Do not build a tree stand on U.S. Forest Service Land, its illegal.  


Though arrows are not bullets, they pose a safety issue if left uncovered.  

"Every year, we receive reports of hunters getting injured falling from trees or jabbing themselves or other hunters while carrying arrows in their hands," Takeda said. "It only takes a few seconds to remove an arrow from a quiver, nock the arrow and shoot it," Takeda said. "The few seconds you'll save by carrying arrows in your hand or nocked on your bow aren't worth it." 

The Target— 

When shooting, it’s important to be aware of your own surroundings and that of your target. "Arrows, especially carbon arrows, can hit with great force at distances as far as 100 yards from the point of release," Takeda said. "You must know what is behind your target and make sure to never shoot where a road is in the background." 

Tips To Prepare: 

  • Make sure your equipment is good and up to snuff. 
  • Carefully sharpen the broadheads. 
  • Make sure you grab permission if you hunt on private land. 
  • Kown where that land ends and be familiar with hunting grounds. 
  • Take classes. 

For a full list of DWR tips click here.  

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