Southern Utah Sunrise Stories: Volume 5 


Statewide News – 7/05/23 

Governor Cox Warns About Risk of Wildfires Throughout Utah 

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox was at Provo’s Freedom Festival on July 4 where he gave a warning to the entire state regarding the increasing risk of wildfires (welcome to the party Mr. Cox).  

Cox said the increased risk is due to higher temperatures, low humidity and high winds throughout the state. Cox also warned about the increase of fuel for the fires in the form of a surplus of dry brush from the wet spring. 

Cox also said that Southern Utah is particularly bad, saying the region has a red flag warning. Meaning, fires will break out if not taken seriously. 

Southern Utah/St. George News – 7/05/23 

Independence Day Fire Report 

Speaking of people not taking fire safety seriously, multiple fires broke out on July 4 in Southern Utah. This is a common occurrence every year, but it’s still a danger no matter how many times it happens. 

Two of the larger fires include a blaze near La Verkin Bridge and Hurricane that could be seen from quite a distance, and other involves the “H” on a hill in Hurricane lighting on fire.

The good news about most of the fires reported on the 4th of July in Southern Utah is the lack of injuries, and the urgency and quick work from authorities to put out the variety of fires. 

Frost Top Closes Once Again 

This one hurts me deeply. Larsen’s Frost Top is a classic drive-in restaurant in St. George that’s been in business for about 60 years.  

Many owners have watched over the greasy grill of Frost Top, but there haven’t been many times where the restaurant closes its doors for long.  

Sadly, the current owners are looking to hand the reigns to anyone willing to give it a go, and that means Frost Top’s doors are closed for the foreseeable future until a new owner is found. 


Here’s a fun fact about the author of Sunrise Stories, Stockton Myers. 

Stockton played Captain Hook in a production of Peter Pan when he was a Junior at Dixie High School. During the final dress rehearsal, his pants didn’t quite fit. So, while singing about he was going to capture Wendy and kill Peter Pan, his pants dropped down to the floor, which made an adolescent Stockton very self-conscious. 

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