A brush fire that's burned over 70 acres was spotted by Highway 389 near Colorado City.

Members of the Hurricane Fire Department are assisting with the flames. Currently, the fire’s forward momentum has been halted thanks to various efforts including the use of airplanes and helicopters to dump water and flame retardant on the fire.

An evacuation order has been issued to residents near the Pipe Springs area just in case the fire goes out of control.

Big thanks to Erin Stubbs Tapia, the moderator of the Washington County Community Watch Facebook group, for updating the public on various brush fires and accidents across Southern Utah.

The cause for the fire is currently listed as human caused on the Utah Fire website with no explicit details given as to what was used.

The current trend of brush fires and even the garbage truck fire on July 5 on I-15 have to do with firework negligence.

Not just with the actual use of fireworks, but also the lack of a thorough “drowning” as it were.

Some other possible reasons for the fire also include simple acts of negligence like lack awareness when dispatching a cigarette out of the car window or sometimes even a spark from a hanging part of a car can cause the fire as well.

Dry brush is something to be taken seriously. It’s not exactly your usual kindling that takes a second to burn during a campout.

This stuff burns fast and spreads fast especially when there is a high wind around the fire.

Regarding the brush fire near Colorado City, we will update this article if the flames get out of hand again. Stay safe out there everyone and don’t forget to practice your fire sense.


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