Southern Utah University (SUU) celebrated its inaugural Giving Thor's-Day with resounding success, themed "The Power Is in Your Hands." T-Bird Nation came together to surpass the initial goal of 240 donors, achieving an impressive 261 donors by the deadline.

This day dedicated to unity and generosity witnessed overwhelming support from alumni, friends, students, and parents, showcasing their dedication to uplifting SUU's future. The campaign commenced on Wednesday, March 27th, at noon, lasting for 1,897 minutes, symbolizing SUU's founding year.

The festivities began with a thrilling Thor's Hammer Hunt, engaging students in a campus-wide scavenger hunt to uncover hidden hammers and win a $500 scholarship. The excitement continued with Thor's Hammerfest, where students met Thor himself, took photos with his iconic hammer, and celebrated the transformative power of their SUU education.

Faculty and staff also joined in the fun with the Sharwan Showdown, a competition to hold Thor's 15-pound hammer the longest. The "School of Business Big Bad Bruisers" emerged victorious among the 16 competing teams.

Various initiatives were available for community involvement, including the "4 for Thor" donation drive, symbolizing Thor's lucky number.

Donors had the opportunity to support vital areas that included

  • The Alumni Association Scholarship: which is funded by alumni for future alumni. These scholarships are awarded to legacy students so they can keep the T-Bird tradition alive in their families
  • Athletics: providing vital support to student athletes allowing them to stay on campus during summer for additional training
  • Hope Pantry: provides essential food items to students in need and ensures no student faces hunger
  • Learning Abroad Program: provides funding for students to experience life changing opportunity to broaden their horizons around the world.
  • Mental Health Resources: helps students overcome the greatest barriers to achieve educational goals
  • T-Bird Strong Student Emergency Fund: help students with immediate needs in the areas of financial assistance, housing support, nutritional support, and technology access.
  • Thunderbird Marching Band: enables the marching band to have the resources they need for new instruments and travel.
  • Undergraduate Research Program: provides experiences that nurtures future leaders, boosts excellence, sparks ideas, and builds community among students.

The overwhelming support and enthusiasm displayed during Giving Thor's-Day will have a lasting impact on SUU and its students. The generosity shown reflects the strength and unity of T-Bird Nation, ensuring a brighter future for SUU and its community.

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