Canyon View Middle School is set to undergo remote learning on Monday and Tuesday as an independent group conducts testing on carbon monoxide detectors throughout the school. The comprehensive testing, scheduled for Tuesday morning, is part of a precautionary initiative aimed at ensuring the safety of students and staff.

Superintendent Dr. Lance Hatch emphasized the commitment to going above and beyond standard procedures to guarantee the school's safety. The decision comes after a series of tests conducted by various entities over the past several days.

The Cedar City Fire Department conducted the initial test on Thursday, responding promptly to a carbon monoxide alarm in D Hall adjacent to a remodeling project. Although small amounts were detected, subsequent tests on Friday morning, during school hours and lunch preparation in the kitchen, revealed no dangerous levels in any areas.

Additional testing occurred on Friday afternoon in response to reports of another possible exposure. The fire department, along with Dominion Energy, examined the entire building, including heating systems and kitchen appliances, confirming its safety for occupancy.

Concerns raised on Saturday evening during basketball games prompted another round of testing by the fire department, which once again found no traces of harmful gases. The investigation escalated with the involvement of the Utah National Guard's 85th Civil Support Team, equipped with advanced capabilities to identify hazardous materials at extremely low concentrations.

Over a four-hour period, the 85th conducted three different tests, checking for over 150,000 particulates potentially harmful to humans. No traces of harmful gases were found, reaffirming the safety of the school environment.

Lieutenant Colonel Rob Dent, commander of the 85th, emphasized their role in assisting local first responders to ensure public safety. In a press release Dent said, “Our job is to assist our local first responders in ensuring the public is safe. We have a robust complement of HAZMAT technicians and highly specialized equipment that is designed for situations just like this.”

The school's proactive approach and thorough testing demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of its students and staff, with the reassurance that all necessary precautions have been taken to address potential carbon monoxide concerns.

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