Alumni, students, and supporters of Southern Utah University (SUU) have a unique opportunity to both display their school pride and contribute to student success by purchasing SUU license plates. These distinctive plates not only serve as a symbol of allegiance to SUU but also serve a greater purpose by funding scholarships for current and incoming Thunderbirds.

The impact of these scholarships cannot be overstated. For many students, financial barriers can hinder access to higher education. However, thanks to the generosity of those who purchase SUU license plates, these obstacles are mitigated, opening doors to opportunity for deserving students. Alexis McIff, a recipient of the SUU License Plate scholarship, expressed her gratitude, emphasizing the profound impact of such support on students' lives.

Beyond the altruistic benefit of funding scholarships, purchasing an SUU license plate also brings practical advantages. In addition to supporting student success, buyers receive the perk of free on-campus parking, excluding housing parking lots. This added incentive enhances the appeal of the SUU license plate, making it a compelling choice for supporters of the university.

SUU Media Relations / Canva
SUU Media Relations / Canva

Caytee Wankier, SUU Alumni President, encapsulates the sense of camaraderie and pride associated with the SUU license plate. Seeing these plates on the road evokes a feeling of connection and community, fostering a sense of belonging among SUU supporters. Wankier encourages all those affiliated with SUU to seize this opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of students and to join in celebrating the university's spirit.

For those interested in acquiring an SUU license plate, the process is simple. Plates can be obtained from any Utah DMV location, either in person or online. Additional information is also available for those seeking further details about the program.

By purchasing an SUU license plate, individuals not only showcase their affiliation with the university but also contribute directly to the educational pursuits of future Thunderbirds. It's a small gesture with a monumental impact, embodying the spirit of community and support that defines Southern Utah University.

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