This whole week has been hot, dry, and smokey which means that fire season is starting and its not holding back.  

St. George experienced three back-to-back fires this week alone from control burns. With all the rain Southern Utah experienced just a month ago, there are more plants to burn. If you’ve lived in Southern Utah, you are probably used to smoke-filled skies and constant sound of firetruck sirens racing across town.  

Some fires are from out-of-control brush fires, but others are caused by man. According to Utah Fire Info, roughly 70 percent of wildfires in the state could be prevented if more people used fire sense.  

How To Use Fire Sense: 

  • Let your local fire department know before you light debris or stubble. 
  • Check the weather conditions. Make sure the wind won't carry any flames and that there are no flag warnings on local fire watch sites.  
  • Have a plan in case your fire gets out of control. That could mean having fuel breaks and having supplies to quickly put out the fire. 
  • Always make sure your fire is cold before you leave the area. 

One contributor to Utah fires is vehicles. Chains dragging on the road can cause sparks so make sure nothing on your car can spark a flame. Also, be aware of your surroundings when parking your car to go out and recreate. Dry grass near a hot, parked car doesn’t mix well.  

Lastly, make sure there is no glass or anything similar in your yard which could spark a fire. Get rid of old wood and clean up any dried weeds or possible flame fuel.  


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