According to a new study done by Forbes, Utah has ranked #1 in the entire United States for one deadly thing... ROAD RAGE!

Utah was most likely in the nation to be report being honked at in frustration (76%). While 58% of people in Utah report being flipped off by someone else behind the wheel.


Utah drivers were also 2nd in the nation in saying they've been tailgated while driving (73%). Shockingly, only 47% of people surveyed admitted to having someone speed up to block them from changing lanes! I feel like we've all had that happen to us!

Of all the Utahn's surveyed, about 1/4 people admit to knowing someone that was injured or killed due to road rage.


The states coming in after Utah were...

2. Missouri

3. Colorado

4. Oklahoma

5. New Mexico

6. Nevada

7. Maryland

8. Indiana

9. Washington

10. Delaware

Of everyone in the nation surveyed, over 22% of people reported to witnessing an actual accident at the hands of road rage!

Road rage is a serious hazard that endangers everyone on the road. When drivers let anger take control, they make reckless decisions, increasing the risk of accidents. Speeding, aggressive lane changes, and tailgating are common behaviors linked to road rage, often leading to collisions. This dangerous behavior not only puts the angry driver at risk but also threatens the safety of passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers. Moreover, road rage can escalate into physical confrontations, creating even more danger. Staying calm and composed behind the wheel is crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring a safer driving environment for everyone.

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