Everyone is stressed out right now for one reason or another and it all has to do with the holiday, especially if you’re visiting your in-laws.  

Utah in-laws are interesting because there is a decent chance, they are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If you weren’t born and raised here, the culture shock may be a lot and you have no idea what you’re marrying into.  

Perhaps your spouse has left the church, but their family is still a part of it, this can get very interesting. If they are all on good terms there will be some things you should watch out for, like no coffee or tea in the house (depending on the household) and there most definitely will be no holiday booze.  

So, what can you do to impress your Utah in-laws? 

Read Up 

Though you may not be interested in the church, it's a good idea to read up on customs and dos and don’ts as they are taken pretty seriously here in Utah. As I mentioned before, caffeine or any drinks that can alter your body are a big no in LDS households. There is, however, the usual prayer before the meal and don’t be surprised if Jell-O is served as a dessert...it's a big thing in Utah. Anyway, brush up on some cultural differences to avoid any awkward topics.  

Utah Jazz 

The state is mega proud of the Utah Jazz, its basketball team and there is a good chance your father-in-law is a fan. Look at the latest stats and see how the team is doing. If you’re really going to impress, you’ll want to know some of the players and brush up on your basketball terms to show that you have the makings of a true fan.  

Bring A Gift 

Now, this might sound basic but bringing your Utah in-laws a gift can go a long way toward building a relationship. No, it does not need to be LDS or Jazz-related. You can bring some nice flowers or a nice smelling candle to show your appreciation for them. Not too difficult, and if you know them a bit better, try to find something they would find useful.  

Good luck on impressing your Utah in-laws this Christmas! 

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