There have been so many bugs coming out for the summer in Utah and though some are alright, there are others you really need to watch out for.  

Most people who live in the state are aware of wolf spiders, black widows, scorpions and hobo spiders. However, there is another that you should be wary of...the camel spider. Though named an arachnid it is not technically a spider and its other nickname, wind scorpion is also misleading.  

These guys are known for dwelling in desert climates like the southern part of Utah, however they have been found all over the state. Usually they dwell under rocks, shady places and anywhere they can hide from the sun.  

Though camel spiders aren’t venomous, they are aggressive and can move quickly. According to Holmes Lawn & Pest, camel spiders can move up to 10 miles per hour which helps them catch their prey.  

They also make a terrifying hiss sound that comes from them moving their bodies when threatened. So, basically, you’ll know if they are there.  

Camel spiders aren’t usually found in houses but that doesn’t mean they won’t be. Plus getting bitten is a real bummer. They have super sharp mouth parts called chelicerae which can pierce the skin.  

The bite will most likely be irritating for a while but should heal up fast. These bites on pets like dogs or cats can be more serious so watch out for your furry friends.  

Though these “spiders” are not venomous they do look super freaky and the fact that they are aggressive and fast is not so great. Be careful when moving around in sheds and dark spaces in Utah this summer.  

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