Southern Utah Football is undergoing an exciting transformation with the appointment of Brad Robbins as the new Offensive Coordinator. Formerly associated with Tennessee Tech, where he served as the wide receiver's coach and passing game coordinator, Robbins brings a wealth of experience and innovation to the Thunderbirds.

Coach DeLane Fitzgerald expressed his enthusiasm about Robbins, emphasizing the coach's innovative mindset and the promise of an exhilarating and high-scoring offense under his guidance. This hiring is a significant move for T-Bird Nation, signaling a commitment to elevating the team's performance and creating a dynamic offensive strategy.

Robbins' coaching journey has been marked by success, with notable contributions at institutions like the University of Virginia, VMI, Charleston Southern University, and North Greenville University. At Tennessee Tech, he notably improved offensive performance as the wide receiver's coach. Robbins' impact extended beyond the field, as evidenced by his role as the Director of Community Service at Charleston Southern University.

His track record includes mentoring standout players and achieving remarkable success as the offensive coordinator at North Greenville University. Under his direction, NGU exhibited impressive offensive statistics, averaging 27 points per game and 403 yards of total offense in 2022. Quarterback Dylan Ramirez set freshman records, showcasing Robbins' ability to mold and develop exceptional performers.

Now, Robbins brings his coaching prowess to Southern Utah, where he is poised to lead the Thunderbirds into a new era of offensive excellence. With a degree in business administration and a master's in student affairs, Robbins combines his educational background with a proven coaching record, making him a valuable addition to the program.

As the Thunderbirds prepare for their annual Spring Game on Saturday, April 13, at 3:00 p.m. MT, the anticipation is palpable. This event not only offers fans a glimpse of the incoming talent for the 2024 campaign but also serves as a platform for Robbins to showcase his innovative strategies and set the tone for a promising season. The Spring Game, free and open to the public, is an invitation for the community to witness the beginning of a new chapter in Southern Utah Football.

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