Cedar City Police have released pictures of the individuals suspected in a string of burglaries that took place late Wednesday in to the early hours of Thursday. The police have also released the name of the businesses that were victimized in the burglaries.

Cedar City Police / Canva
Cedar City Police / Canva

Police opened an investigation around 5AM on Thursday morning on the first report of a burglary. Later in the day, as stores began to open and start the business day, the police received reports of two more burglaries.

The Cedar City burglaries occurred at the Frijoles and Frescas location at 1555 W Regency Road, formerly the Wingers location, Dennys at 225 North 1100 West and the Arctic Circle location at 1840 N. Main Street.

Fosters Market in Enoch also suffered a burglary, and it is believed that is connected to the thefts in Cedar City. The behavior and motive were the same in all four burglaries.

There was forced entry in to each of the four locations followed by forced entry in to the safes at those locations. The burglars removed the safes from at least two of the locations. One safe was found some three miles west of Cedar City while another safe was found about five miles north of the city.

Each business is reporting a loss of cash. The exact amount of stolen money is unknown, but it was estimated to be between one thousand to two thousand dollars at each location.

Detectives have spent several hours gathering video evidence. No suspects have been named in the case, and the investigation is ongoing. Anyone having information related to the burglaries is encouraged to contact the Cedar City Police Department.

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