The cost of snow removal this winter season is lower than last year. The Utah Department of Transportation says costs are less because snowfall is no where near last year's record breaking accumulation. The snow operations budget is about 30-million dollars annually. Spending is for labor, equipment and materials. Officials say crews were out on a daily basis in 2023, when UDOT went 12-million dollars over budget for snow removal. So far this season, the department has spent about 11-million-dollars, slightly below average.

Lieutenant Governor Call For Resignation Of School Board Member

Utah Lieutenant Governor Deidre Henderson is calling for the resignation of Utah State Board of Education member Natalie Cline. The request comes after she posted a photo of high school girls basketball players accompanied by a caption suggesting one of the players was a boy. The girl became a target of online harassment following the post, which Cline later deleted. Henderson says Cline has a history of similar incidents, but called this latest development a "startling new low" for her. She has yet to respond to the call for her resignation.


Schools Return To Normal Following Lockdown Over Stolen Vehicle Arrest

Operations are back to normal at two Syracuse schools. Syracuse Elementary and Syracuse Junior High were placed on a brief secured lockdown Monday for safety purposes and not an active threat. The lockdown was called as police were taking three occupants of a stolen vehicle into custody. The vehicle, first seen near 2000 West Antelope Drive, matched the description of a car reported stolen from Lehi City.

Shooting breaks out at Amazon fulfillment center in Florida, killing 1

Surveillance Video Shows Details Of Officer Involved Shooting

A newly released video shows the police response that led to the shooting death of a man at a Riverdale convenience store in January. 28-year-old William Toon of Highland was shot and killed by police at the store on January 14th. In the video released Friday by the Weber County Attorney's Office, law enforcement from at least two departments are visible. Toon is seen walking behind a counter with one hand in his pocket. He was wanted by police for a stabbing in Pleasant Grove last December. The surveillance video came from a store camera. A final report by the county's investigating team is expected.

LOOK: Adorable Highland Cattle Strut Their Stuff During Annual Spring Show

The Scotland-based Highland Cattle Society, which was founded in 1884, continues to have its annual Spring Show and Sale bringing crowds of people to see Highland cattle compete for top prizes. Here are some of the best photos from this year's show.

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

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