Imagine you're at the lake. The water is just right and maybe the fish are biting if that’s your thing, but then, sirens start blaring.

This is what happened at Sand Hollow Reservoir in the evening hours of June 19. What were the sirens responding to? You’ve got plenty of choices. A brush fire was coming in from the north of the reservoir which had started earlier in the day with visible flames and smoke from the lake. 

A 23-year-old man also required help from the authorities due to a cliff jumping incident where he took a 25-foot fall into the water and was stuck there for about four minutes. His family apparently had to dive 18 feet to reach him. The man was taken to the hospital with the status of his health still unknown. 

If that wasn’t enough commotion for a day on the lake, another man was dealing with his own incident in the water. A 20-year-old man was riding on the back of a jet ski when he fell off into the water and went missing for 30 minutes. His friends were able to find him, but he was fading in and out of consciousness. The man refused medical attention and went home with his friends. 

With all of that happening in the same day, it can certainly be a lot to take in. Especially if you were spending your Monday night at the lake with your family. Regarding the brush fire, the fire is mostly contained, but I would suggest keeping a close eye on the Utah Fire website for the most up to date info. 


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