Southern Utah Sunrise News: Volume 6 


Statewide News - 07/06/23 

Despite Concerns...Celeste Maloy’s Been Submitted as Official Candidate 

Concerns over special congressional candidate Celeste Maloy regarding her place of residence, lack of participation in two consecutive general elections, and not being listed as a Utah Republican hasn’t stopped her candidacy from going through.  

Utah GOP Chair Robert Axson submitted Maloy’s name to the state election officials on July 5. Maloy has also updated her registration to coincide with her Republican status. There’s sure to be more to come on the special congressional election to replace Chris Stewart, so stay tuned for updates. 

Southern Utah/St. George News – 7/06/23 

Authorities Hunting Potentially Armed Man 

Southern Utah authorities are looking for a man believed to be armed and dangerous. The Santa Clara-Ivins Police Department attempted to stop a gray BMW on Old Highway 191 at about 6:30 p.m. on July 5.  

The vehicle proceeded to evade the police and was later found by an officer from the St. George Police Department. The officer also saw the man, who was later identified as 44-year-old Collin Campbell, jump a fence to evade capture. 

A knife and various illegal substances were found in the abandoned BMW. Campbell is wanted for various felony charges. Any information regarding Campbell’s whereabouts should contact authorities immediately. 

Garbage Truck Fire on I-15 

Not many smells can beat something as pungent as a dump, but how about a garbage truck engulfed in flames? 

That’s exactly what happened on July 5 by the entrance to St. George Boulevard on I-15. The vehicle fire caused the closure of the left most lane heading toward Cedar City, but luckily emergency crews were able to clean up the flames in about two hours. 

For more details on what caused the fire, check out our article going deeper into the topic.  

Zion National Park Re-Opens The Narrows 

The Narrows, which is a popular hiking trail at Zion National Park, is open once again after a hiatus due to snowmelt. 

The snowmelt in Southern Utah was very abundant this year thanks to a Winter with a surplus of precipitation. The problem that comes with this involves rivers or bodies of water running a bit more vicious than usual. 

Such was the case with The Narrows, with the trail being inaccessible due to the Virgin River running high and fast. 

Even though the trail is now open, it’s certainly not an easy hike at the moment. The river is much more manageable, the trail still has various crossings where the water is up to mid-thigh depth with some areas going up to chest height with water flowing at 70 cubic feet per second. 

Big Turnout at Vigil for Ace Butterfus-Ramirez 

A vigil was held on July 5 for Ace Butterus-Ramirez, the child who died due to a tragic hit-and-run on June 30 in Washington City.  

The vigil had a massive turnout with hundreds of people showing their support and mourning the loss of little Ace. 

A fundraiser will also be held in Ace’s honor on July 22 at The Ledges golf course with the money raised going to Ace’s funeral as well as medical costs for Ace’s father who suffered injuries from the crash and has undergone various surgeries. 


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