The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is reporting the illegal killing of another animal during the month of October. In the case, the animal was taken and not left to waste.

DWR Conservation officers received a report of the incident from some residents in the Beaver area. The witnesses said they saw an individual shoot a buck deer along the Fremont Wash Road on the south side of the Beaver Hunting Unit on the evening of October 14th. The deer was injured in the shooting, and then the individual began throwing large boulders at the deer.

One of those boulders hit the deer on the head. The individual then loaded the deer in to the back of a beige pickup truck and left the area. No deer hunts were taking place at the time of the incident.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Officers are seeking information from anyone who sees a truck matching this description. They are particularly interested in obtaining the license plate number for the vehicle.

Anyone with information about the illegal killing of this deer, or any other wildlife related crimes in the state of Utah is asked to contact a DWR Conservation Officer. You can call in with information by dialing toll free 800-662-3337. You can also download the UTDWR Law Enforcement APP.

Leave information through the DWR website at

For this specific case, you can also call directly to DWR Officer Jeremy Butler. The phone number is 435-310-0238. A reward may be available for information leading to the the successful prosecution of those responsible. Requests for confidentiality are respected.

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