The Boys and Girls Club of Southern Utah is hosting its first-ever golf tournament in the area next Wednesday to raise money for the organization.  

The Boys and Girls Club is a national organization that helps underprivileged kids and families in multiple ways. The club provides after-school care for students who need it with classes, tutoring, and even a meal.  

“We have STEM programs; we have a stem specialist at every single location. And so, throughout the week, they're doing, you know different engineering experiments and they're building robots and other models and fun stuff like that. So, they're getting involved in STEM activities. And then when they go home, we actually send them home with a two-part snack,” Boys and Girls Club of Utah County Director of Development Scott Johnson said.  

Boys and Girls Club of Southern Utah
Boys and Girls Club of Southern Utah

The club in Washington County serves about 400 kids with around 150 kids on the waitlist. It is entirely funded by grants and private corporate sponsorships.  

The Boys and Girls Club of Southern Utah is also the only after-school program that doesn’t charge the families a cent.  

“This will be our first ever golf tournament fundraiser or any fundraiser for that matter, in St. George. We've operated a tournament in Utah County for the last 22 years. And this will be the first in St. George and of course, all the proceeds will benefit the kids and St. George. All the money stays there,” Johnson said.  

The tournament will take place at the Black Desert Resort on Nov.1 starting with breakfast at 8 a.m. The tournament will be shotgun style and there will be lunch in the early afternoon around 2 p.m. 

“We're excited for the sponsors that we have in the tournament and those who will be golfing because it's a great opportunity to kind of show them a little bit more about what we do and, you know, provide more exposure for the club,” Johnson said. 

There are possibly a few spaces left for those who are interested in participating.  

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