>>Man Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault At Paragonah Farm

(Cedar City, UT) -- A man is awaiting sentencing after being convicted of sexual assault at a southern Utah farm. Miguel Gomez was found guilty by a jury in Cedar City last week on charges that include rape and sexual assault for the incident that happened nearly three years ago. Gomez was accused of sexually assaulting a 25-year-old woman in a shed on a dairy farm in Paragonah, but he said the pair were in a relationship. Sentencing is scheduled for June 4th.

>>Cedar City School Will Stay As Reds

(Cedar City, UT) -- A southern Utah school is holding onto its current name and mascot. The Iron County Board of Education voted this week to keep Cedar City High School's name as the Reds, which was changed from its previous moniker of Redmen. The school district says four of the seven board members voted to keep Reds as the name. The consideration for going back to the previous name was pushed back after the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah asked for that situation to be avoided as it considers Redmen to be offensive. The board's vote follows efforts to leave the decision up to voters during this year's election.


>>Students Injured By "Orbeez Gun" At Granger High School

(West Valley City, UT) -- Three students at Granger High School in West Valley City suffered minor injuries Tuesday when they were shot with an "Orbeez gun." An Orbeez gun is a toy gun that fires colorful water-absorbent beads. The school says it happened in the parking lot, and the students who were hit only had minor welts. Two teenage suspects reportedly tried to flee the scene but were arrested. School officials say the suspects are students at a different school, and will face "serious administrative corrective action" and criminal charges.

>>Stash Of Dynamite Found At Holladay Home

(Holladay, UT) -- A neighborhood in Holladay has been evacuated following the discovery of a large stash of dynamite inside a home. Authorities say the dynamite has been inside the home for a long time, and that the homeowner had allegedly been collecting explosives. However, police say there doesn't seem to be any malicious intent with the collection. Hazardous materials teams and bomb squad members have responded to the scene, and they're expected to destroy the stash of dynamite in a controlled detonation elsewhere.

>>Students Submit Scholarship Applications For New Program Awards

(Salt Lake City, UT) -- About 27-thousand students are participating in the state's latest effort to provide scholarship funding. This week, officials say nearly 16-thousand applications on behalf of those students were submitted for consideration under guidelines for the Utah Fits All Scholarship. The application deadline was Monday. Utah lawmakers appropriated more than 82-million dollars over the last two years to kick off the program which launches this fall. Officials will give out ten thousand scholarships each valued at eight thousand dollars.

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