The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has announced the date for the rededication of the St. George, Utah temple. The rededication sessions will be held on Sunday, December 10th, 2023 at 10:00am and 1:30pm. Those who are curious as to what the temple will look like, both inside and out, will have a chance to tour the facility in a public open house that will last nearly 2 months long. The public open house will begin on Saturday, September 15th and will continue through Saturday, November 11th. Open house tours will not be conducted on Sundays, nor will the temple be open for tours on Saturday, September 30th which is the Saturday of the General Conference of the Church. A media day will be held on the Monday prior to the start of the public open house. The St. George Temple was the first completed temple in Utah and was originally dedicated in 1877. After extensive renovation, the temple was redidicated in 1975. The renovation of the St. George Temple was announced by Church President Russell M. Nelson in October of 2018. At the announcement, President Nelson said that all pioneer era temples would be renovated. At present, the Salt Lake Temple and the Manti, Utah Temple are both undergoing renovation projects. At this point, no date or plans have been presented for the renovation of the Logan, Utah Temple. The Logan temple was the second temple dedicated in Utah. The Church has 28 temples in operation or in various state of construction in Utah. The Saratoga Springs Utah Temple will be dedicated ahead of the St. George Temple in August of this year. No dedication date has yet been announced for the dedication of the Red Cliffs Utah Temple which will be the second temple in Washington County. The St. George Temple closed in 2019, and during the renovation project, many patrons and temple workers have been serving in the Cedar City, Utah Temple. The dedicatory sessions will be broadcast to all congregations in the St. George Utah Temple district. Additional details regarding the temple dedication will be announced as the date approaches.

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