he Department of Filmmaking, Art, & Design (FAD) at Southern Utah University (SUU) is excited to unveil the much-anticipated showcase of graduating students' capstone projects in the Senior BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Exhibition 2024, titled "Incandescent." Running from March 18 to April 26, 2024, at the Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA), this exhibition promises to be a testament to the dedication and talent of these emerging artists.

The exhibition features a diverse range of artistic disciplines, including painting, drawing, printmaking, graphic design, illustration, and photography. Each piece offers a unique narrative, reflecting the artists' personal experiences, passions, and visions cultivated through months of exploration and refinement.

Kamp - SUU Medai Relations
Kamp - SUU Media Relations

One standout project is by Graphic Design major Kolton Camp, whose work celebrates the transformative process of adoption. Through posters and a book sharing stories from adoptees and families, Camp invites viewers to reflect on family and identity, fostering empathy and compassion.

Stilson - SUU Media Realtions
Stilson - SUU Media Realtions

Another compelling project comes from Sophie Stilson, also a Graphic Design major, who created the brand "Ignite" dedicated to encouraging imagination. Stilson's campaign includes materials such as sketchbooks and "Ignite Spark Cards," inspiring creativity in various forms and empowering individuals through art.

The Senior BFA Exhibition not only showcases the students' accomplishments but also underscores the faculty's role in preparing them for professional careers. Kamp and Stilson both express gratitude for their professors, acknowledging their guidance and inspiration throughout their educational journeys.

To celebrate the opening of the exhibition, SUU's Festival of Excellence will host Gallery Talks and an Opening Reception on March 26. The Gallery Talks will feature outstanding student exhibitors presenting their work, followed by an evening reception to honor the students' achievements, accompanied by light refreshments.

SUMA, offering free admission to the public, provides an excellent opportunity for art enthusiasts and the community to witness the exceptional talent nurtured at SUU. For more information about SUMA's upcoming exhibitions, visit www.suu.edu/suma.

Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the creativity and innovation of SUU's graduating artists at the Incandescent: Senior BFA Exhibition 2024, a showcase of talent, dedication, and artistic vision.

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