You're either one of these people or you're not. If you are one of these people, it doesn't mean you're a bad person, it just means that you should be put in prison.


So, are you one of these red people?

I must admit I am a reformed sinner. I used to do the far lane turn all of the time. Then I got pulled over for it and I haven't done it since*. Instead I turn into the near lane and instantly put on my blinker and move into the far lane.

So the question is, should this minor traffic violation that must happen a thousand times a day in Southern Utah really be the most heated traffic argument we have?

According to u/PatientYam on Reddit:

"I don't trust people at all. If I'm waiting to turn and someone is turning from the other direction, I always wait. Saved myself several times that way"

I, too, wait most of the time. You never know who is one of those people so you gotta play it safe. It could be a F-150 or a Subaru. Anyone is capable of it.

u/Cythripio says:

"Because doing the red route is your ONE CHANCE to get in front of that pesky car in front of you that is standing in the way of unlimited road freedom! Must…be…in…front"

Yes! Exactly. And that's where we get into trouble.

According to Forbes, the worst drivers in the country are Texans (link to study); I would have assumed Californians, but Texans make sense. They drive with a lot of chutzpah and they have those huge longhorns on the hoods of their cars. Very dangerous.

Utah is ranked 38th in that study. Pretty good. That can't be right...

*yes he has

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